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Retail sale sign ideas

A properly designed signage establishes the first visual contact with a potential customer. With the help of color solutions, shapes and materials, brand values are displayed in it. The use of digital technologies makes it possible to realize almost any idea. New developments of designers have significantly expanded the possibilities of design.

What to include in the signboard design

The facade sign primarily includes the necessary information about the retailer for consumer. According to many marketers, the decor is secondary, the content should be in the first place.

Pay attention to the length of the text. It should be read not only from the street, but also from passing vehicles at a speed of about 60 km/h. If a person is driving a private car or is traveling in public transport, which moves at such a speed, then he has time to read from 2-4 words. It will be the optimal length of the signboard.

For customer, the official name of the organization does not matter. It means the name that is indicated in the documents. It is more important for him that there is a retail store in the building that sells certain types of goods. Instead of the official name, it is better to specify a trademark.

If you have a specialized store, then the key product should be indicated in the sign. For example: “Bakery”, “Milk”, “Fresh meat”.

Stores that can offer a unique trade offer to the consumer should mark it in the sign. For example: fitness products, farm products, baking fresh bread, environmentally friendly products.

What to consider when choosing a design

Designers who have experience in the sign development, advise to take into account what kind of activity the business represents. It is better to use bright color solutions for the designs for grocery stores. They will attract the attention of passers-by. Product images can be placed on the surface of the signage.

For fashion store sign, you need to use an artistic approach. The name of the store can be executed in the original font. An unusual attribute can be placed on the signboard, which is associated with the goods presented in the store. In pursuit of design originality, we must not forget that it should be primarily informative. Too creative design will distract attention from the main idea.

Design features

A few tips from professionals that will help you create a creative signboard design for a retail store:

  1. Any information on the sign should be simple and understandable. It must encourage consumers to visit a retail outlet.
  2. You should not use a combination of more than three colors in the design. Color solutions should look harmonious.
  3. The visual volume of the image is created by using light and shadow. This rule will help to highlight the inscription on the sign.
  4. Experienced designers do not recommend using font mixing. It is advisable to design with a single font.
  5. With the help of high-quality images or photos, you can convey the basic concept of the business. For example, you can use an image of freshly baked bread for a bakery sign.
  6. The unusual shape of the sign always attracts the eyes. You can use three-dimensional details, non-standard design of letters.
  7. Adding a backlight will help highlight even the simplest design. You can choose original glow color solutions, add a gradient or shimmer for enhancing the effect.
  8. You need to prepare at least 3 layouts of the future signage. They choose the best option from them and bring it to the ideal.

The coloring should be chosen taking into account the corporate style of the brand, which has recognition among the target audience. For example, if the logo contains green and blue colors, then the sign should be made using a similar color scheme. This decision will have a positive impact on the formation of the company’s image.

Key findings

Before developing a design, you need to spend time studying the approaches of competitors. Some of them will inspire you, others ones will tell you what is better to give up. When working on the design, a complete brand analysis should be carried out. You need to determine the main characteristics of the target audience for it. The color of the sign, its shape, the font of the inscription and other elements will also depend on these factors.

The presence of ineffective signage always reflects on the lack of business success. Investing in a unique design of an advertising object that can be used for a long time will be a good investment. Developing an effective design is a creative work that requires certain knowledge and imagination. We will help you choose the best design solutions that are suitable for the development of your company. By cooperating with us, you will be able to bring your business to a new level.


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