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It is suggested that you can print backdrops in Phoenix in the best condition that you can imagine. We offer plenty of variants to achieve the most accurate result meeting the requirements of our customers.

About backdrops

A backdrop consists of a lightweight frame and fabric installed into it. They don’t take up much space and can be positioned indoors and outdoors. You can use it as a photo shoot or a backing to a table, counter, or booth. It is well-viewed at a distance.

This is a great element of the promotional strategy, effectively grabbing attention of people looking for your company at the exhibition, for instance. It will make your brand’s logo recognizable. It is good to combine it with other promotional structures to create a high-performance system.

Benefit from custom backdrops if you want to elevate your brand and achieve your goals! It will tell the consumers about your success, new offer, or upcoming event and that will cause an increase in revenue coming from your business. Being large, they show the message at eye-height, and that adds to the efficiency of this promotional tool, as visitors of the venue notice it willy-nilly.

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of options for this category. The customer can choose the material, its color (white, blue, gold, or any other), size and shape of a backdrop. We accept any graphics if you want to have the custom design coming with images and textual content. Our equipment allows printing the most complicated artworks. Just decide on the types of backdrops:

  1.       Straight ones. They are good for square premises, where trade shows, exhibitions, or photography sessions are arranged. It is convenient for projecting the video onto the canvas using it as a screen.
  2.       Curved ones. They allow people to view the counter or exhibition booth from a wider angle, opening access to the promotional material.

Our advantages

If you order the products or printing services at our print shop, you’ll be able to enjoy numerous benefits including:

  •           a user-friendly customer support being able to answer any issue-related questions;
  •           numerous payment options, which are suggested to facilitate settlement, make online order placement convenient and easy;
  •           quick turnaround, when the banners are printed in 2-5 days after approval of the design;
  •           well thought-out templates, which can be used with or without customization;
  •           affordable delivery costs and careful transportation to destination.


In Phoenix backdrops are very popular. Use it to your advantage! And we are ready to print the best graphics you want to see on the banner.