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You can often see handy literature display stands in Phoenix located in various venues. They house a limited number of brochures with useful information, aimed at visitors. If you need such a construction, contact us to learn the details.

About literature display stands

Literature stands are designed to display brochures and catalogs, printed for customers or attendees of the venue. They are widely used at places, visited by people, which can be interested in related services or products. If you are going to participate in an exhibition or trade show, we recommend you to consider this option. Also, they can be installed in reception areas and showrooms for the same purpose.

These free-standing stands usually contain several racks and can be equipped with functional elements to add to their reliability and performance. There are many types of these promotional constructions, including collapsible stands, which can boast of an easy set up and instant breakdown. They are efficient, stylish, compact, and cost-effective. Being a beneficial exhibition solution, they allow any business to introduce the promotional material right in the public eye.

What do we offer?

At our print shop, you can order various banners, signs, and literature display stands like:

  1.       the 5 steps displays, which are very compact, consisting of five shelves. When you disassemble the system, you can leave the brochures on the shelves.
  2.       EZ Frost stands available in smaller (single) and larger (double) variants. They are produced from frosted plastic.
  3.       Mesa stands being a complex feature packed system with shelves, table, and pen holders.

Our advantages

We are proud to provide our customers with a great diversity of the products and high quality printing. Trying to meet every need, we offer various options and benefits so that you can enjoy your experience with us. You can be sure to get:

  •           friendly customer support provided by the professionals;
  •           fast delivery, which is always within the specified terms;
  •           right to cancel the order, to ask us to delete your personal payment data, and refuse from being tracked by our system, when you use our website;
  •           refund if your dispatched product has been lost or damaged in transit.


In Phoenix literature display stands are used in libraries, foyers, reception areas, showrooms, at exhibitions, and trade shows. They serve as an attribute of any business providing the target audience with free printed information. You can buy them at our print shop at reasonable prices.