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 We offer various versions of EZ tube displays in Phoenix. They are suitable for a range of applications. You can benefit from them at trade shows, or in any retail shop, event hall, and more.  Choose available options on our website to get the product, which will help your business achieve the goals.

About EZ tube displays

Ez-tube displays have been used in advertising for a long time and they will continue to be popular due to their virtues. The perfect lightweight structure, combined with vivid and appealing graphics, can do marvels. Its frame is made from high quality aluminum tubing with thick walls. That makes the construction lasting and reliable. That is a reason for the popularity of displays of this type among exhibitors. The system will be almost indestructible.

The EZ-tube display is easily installed. All that you are expected to do is to put the tubes together following the guide. The fabric poster with the artwork is installed simply too. The assembly will take you a couple of minutes. By the way, there are displays with graphics on both sides. This is a great way to achieve promotional goals and save your budget.

What do we offer?

You are welcome to contact us for consultation if there is a need for our assistance. Our specialists will help you to decide on the most appropriate construction with the needed options. It is suggested that you consider the following categories of goods:

  1.       Straight displays of a standard type, which are made to be placed in square rooms or along the straight walls and coming in a variety of options including lighting.
  2.       Curved displays in a sleek shape, which is good, when you have to present your company under the conditions of cramped space.

Our advantages

At our print shop, you will buy the products at most reasonable prices and on favorable conditions. In addition, we are ready to provide:

  •           an easy order placement form with numerous options to choose online like uploading your graphic opting for the product, its quantity, particular features, and others;
  •           the option of actions history which allows to save and keep the entered information related to the order on our website so that you can reuse it next time or track your past choices;
  •           reliability and safety meaning that all transactions are protected from online fraud while the personal information is managed in accordance with privacy policy.

In Phoenix EZ tube displays are a perfect alternative to standard banner stands. The construction can be assembled in no time and removed without effort. If you need it, please, let us know!