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The rigid sign printing in Phoenix is available under various conditions. If you want to benefit from the deal, you’d better place an order at our print shop!

About rigid signs

Rigid signs are made of steady lasting materials, being a nice medium for any ad. They can be used to carry out marketing campaigns, to sell real estate, or to run political campaigns. A lot of needs can be covered with this signage, because, being located in the right place, it is able to draw the attention of the audience and impact greatly on the sales of your company.

They are commonly used outdoors, but without strict limits. The display is usually incorporated into a metal or acrylic H-shaped stand, which is inserted into the ground. They can be designed to help passersby or visitors of the venue to recognize the brand or to get informed of the upcoming event. They can show the direction too. You can find them used for this purpose in hospitals, shopping malls, and in the offices.

Even the most sophisticated graphics can be printed on these signs to a high precision. This is the best perceived value for money by customers as to design and costs. The well-made graphics are able to work like a charm attracting passersby.

A vivid signage will be very effective if you manage to find its right location. It contributes a lot to other branding efforts. You should know that a material used for signs can be of various densities and when it is high, it will be more durable and heavier.

What do we offer?

Using a rigid sign, you benefit from the opportunity to reuse them for a long time. We offer diverse types of rigid sign in Phoenix including those made from:

  1.       corrugated plastic, which is light in weight and durable. Though, for the same reason you’d better refuse it in windy regions. Easy installation is a nice benefit of this construction.
  2.       foamboard, which is made from polystyrene or polyurethane. It is also lightweight and has a smooth surface. It is easily shaped.
  3.       gatorboard, which is an extruded polystyrene foam similar to foam board but firmer and more lasting. It is waterproof and that is a great advantage.
  4.       PVC, which is good due to its dent resistance and ability not to soak water. The colors, printed on it, will not fade for a long time.

Our advantages

Our offer is quite diverse, meeting the needs of a wide range of customers. You can choose any products in our catalog. Contact our helpful customer support:

  •           if you have any questions related to the products or order placement;
  •           if the products, which you have paid for, have been lost or damaged during delivery;
  •           if you want to get replacement or refund of the damaged or wrongly delivered goods;
  •           if you prefer to track your order, while it is executed.

In Phoenix rigid sign printing is available to everybody. Just go to our website and look through our catalog to find the product meeting your needs.