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You can make a custom fabric banner in Phoenix at our print shop. This is a durable marketing tool, which can be used several times in short term events and designed mostly for an indoor location, but for different events.

About fabric banners

Fabric banners are a perfect alternative to vinyl ones if you want to get a beautiful banner for an indoor installation. The material is made from polyester, which is easily washed and wrinkle-resistant. When you decide to wash them, you can do it by hand or use the machine. Do it gently in cold water. Then, fabric canvas should be hung or laid flat to dry. It is not allowed to be ironed.

The smooth surface of the sign is perfect for a printed design in all colors that you can imagine. It almost does not have a light reflection. These banners are lightweight, durable, and can be used several times after being disassembled. They are stored in a rolled up condition. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to store them properly. Otherwise, the images may fade and the fabric can tear.

Due to peculiarities of the material, the graphics come in a more realistic and sharper way. It is easy to display even high-resolution images. The fabric is more expensive compared with vinyl, but it is worth its money. Such canvas can last for years if you use it indoors correctly. The finish is semi-gloss, which provides a professional look. At the same time, it does not cause glare. You can enjoy endless possibilities of this material due to its versatility and decorative features. It will serve for months without compromising on quality. This marketing strategy will allow reducing expenses on brand promotion and still achieving your business goals.

What do we offer?

It is suggested that you look through our online gallery of products and enjoy the diversity of offer. You may need any other advertisement mediums to develop the most efficient promotional campaign with different tools in the scope. And all these elements you can order in one place, at our print shop! We have a wide choice of variants like double-sided banners, backlit fabric banners, coming with a lightbox construction, and stretch banners made of elastic canvas, which will not crack or peel. Whatever you choose, you can decide on various fastening systems like:

  1.       sewn hem, which makes the edges of the canvas reinforced;
  2.       pole pockets, which are located in various positions to choose from and allow installing the canvas in various ways;
  3.       grommets, which allow hanging a banner or attaching it in any other way, being cut in along edges.

Our advantages

Please, ensure that you understand all our options, which will make our collaboration fruitful and comfortable. You can reach us out for a free consultation to get a comprehensive idea of your benefits and our opportunities. At the very least, we guarantee:

  •           friendly and competent customer support, which is ready to be helpful at any moment during working hours;
  •           accurately calculated quotes including shipping rates based on the peculiarities of the customer’s order with all chosen parameters of a banner;
  •           quick turnaround with execution of the order within 2 or 5 banking days after approval of its details;
  •           the right to cancel the order for any reason, before and after it has been dispatched.


In Phoenix fabric banner is used as a perfect tool for advertisement. It can be used repeatedly. Storage will not cause any damages, provided that you keep our recommendations. Contact us to learn more about the material, banners, which we are ready to offer, and our printing services.