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We offer magnetic sign printing in Phoenix at reasonable prices. This is an effective tool of passive marketing. You just put it on the vehicle body and let it act while the car is moving around being viewed by plenty of people.

About magnetic signs

A magnetic sign in Phoenix is used widely. It consists of an upper vinyl layer and a strip with a magnetic pull on its backside. This magnetic base can be attached to any smooth metal surface easily. You can be sure of its reliability and benefit from this effective advertisement tool intended for multiple use.

These signs can be placed in the office, store, venue, but the best way is to fix them on a car body, which will convey the information within the routes it follows. The magnets can be of help, when you want to reduce your expenses on a promotional campaign, but still promote your business and establish your presence in as many places as possible. That strategy will result in your sales growth.

Such a portable ad is able to reach the widest audience without spending too much money. Forget about huge fees related to television! As magnetic stickers can be easily removed, you can change the carrier and reapply them in a better environment.

The design depends on the customer’s needs and goals. The upper layer, made from lasting and durable vinyl, works just like a vinyl banner. Any artwork can be printed on it with solvent inks of any colors, which after being laminated become extremely durable. You can wash the signs without compromising on the quality of images. These signs can last for years and the colors will not fade.

We highly recommend magnetic signs if you just launch your business and do not want to spend too much on promotional events. Or you can fix this element on other products engaged into your large advertising strategy. It will help to make your brand recognizable due to its mobility and visibility.

What do we offer?

If you decide to add magnetic signs to your promotional toolkit, we are ready to print the custom signage meeting your needs and requirements. We offer such products as:

  1.       Car magnets. It is clear that you can apply them on the door of your car and promote your products raising awareness about the brand.
  2.       Truck magnets. These ones are larger compared with the above type and usually produced in a square shape. But you can order the ones with rounded corners too.
  3.       Van magnets. These signs are the largest ones among all. That means, more material is needed resulting in higher prices. But, this is still a perfect opportunity to make your advertisement not only mobile, but visible due to larger images.

Our advantages

Be sure that we are interested in a win-win collaboration and provide our customers with the best conditions possible. You can count to get:

  •           professional assistance and information support if you contact our customer support via email;
  •           a range of payment methods to meet everybody’s expectations, to be comfortable for our any customer;
  •           nice templates of our products if you do not want to develop your unique design;
  •           acceptance of customer’s graphics, saved as it is specified in our service terms;
  •           affordable and fairly calculated prices based on the details of your individual order;
  •           bonuses and discounts including free shipping, which is available if your order is over $150.

In Phoenix magnetic sign is used to achieve business goals and increase sales volumes. This is a simple way to attract the attention of the target audience. If you want to order it in any quantity, you are welcome to do it at our print shop!