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You can print any canopy tents in Phoenix at our print shop. Just call us or visit our website to find out more about the available options and cooperation conditions we offer. We are sure that you will benefit from our assortment!

About canopy tents

A canopy is a small tent made from vinyl and lightweight structure. These constructions can be located both indoors and outdoors temporarily. They are not very strong to withstand the severe winds or rains, but they are able to provide proper sun protection. However, the key advantage of this shelter is that it is viewed at large distances. So, the customers or guests can easily find its location among all participants of the exhibition, trade show, corporate party, or any other event.

Canopy tent has a long lasting effect on prospective customers containing brief key information like the company name and logo. It is good for any event aimed at promotion of the new product or the brand itself. It can cover the booth with the samples of the goods or hand-out promotional content.

What do we offer?

Please, find the quality canopy tents into our catalog, which are available at affordable prices. You can order only printing services. Also, it is suggested that you can buy the whole structure with a durable frame and quality covering. You can add such elements as sidewall and back wall to arrange your promotional area in the best possible way. We offer several sizes of canopy tents including:

  1.       10ft ones, which shade out a bigger counter and more customers trying to get consultation of your experts, and that will make them buy your products or services;
  2.       5ft ones, which are smaller that is why suit the restricted exhibition space and tough advertising budget. Due to their lightweight structure, they are not intended for highly windy conditions.

Our advantages

You are invited to consider various options provided in our catalog and choose all you may need for your promotional campaign including pop-up banners, signage of various types, and stands. Our shop is ready to print the detailed images in any colors and guarantees:

  •           fast turnaround, which depends on our charge capacity and order size, from overnight to five banking days;
  •           competent friendly customer support, which rapidly responds to the requests via email;
  •           reasonable delivery cost calculated in accordance with individual parameters of the order.


In Phoenix canopy tents are used to arrange exhibitions, conferences, and other venues, where it is important to represent the company. Make sure this marketing tool includes essential information like the logo of the company and any details of the products.