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We offer table throws printing in Phoenix. The service is provided by our experienced specialists, who will implement any task with accuracy and competence. You may place an order right now and get a perfectly printed table cover. This promotional tool will contribute a lot to the result of your marketing campaign.

About table throws

A tablecloth is used to cover a table, booth, or counter and can be as informative as a banner. It is made of quality lasting fabric to protect a table from scratches or to hide improperly looking constructions. But the key objective of this promotional tool is to display your message, which can include logo or any other information that you want to be viewed by attendees of the venue. The design is very important. It can include the company color scheme, images, connected with the brand or promoted products.

There are various types of table throws. They have a large advertising space including the sides hanging over the table. The graphic can be printed on this vertically positioned fabric too. Thus, you can choose the variants how to transform a simple tablecloth into a powerful advertising instrument.

What do we offer?

We provide a full choice of options. Enjoy:

  1.       affordable custom fitted table throws, which are easily transported to and from events;
  2.       cost effective way to tell people about your virtues without spending too much money;
  3.       a long term advertising solution, which will serve for years if the graphics allow reusing it for one company;
  4.       three types of this tool including a runner, which drapes down the table freely; fitted one, strictly matching the table’s sizes and being fixed with a zipper; and stretch one, fitting the table tightly without any loose fabric and preferred for windy conditions.

Our advantages

Be sure to enjoy collaboration with us. We provide our customers with high quality print services and advanced promotional systems. In addition, we guarantee:

  •           professional support at any stage of order execution;
  •           refund in the case of damage or loss of delivered products (subject to investigation);
  •           reasonable quotes calculated individually in accordance with numerous factors like chosen options, volume, destination, which is important for transportation cost;
  •           free shipping of the orders amounting to $150 or more.

In Phoenix table throws printing is available at our print shop. Also, you can order various signs and structures like stands and retractable displays. Just let us know your expectations and we’ll meet them without failure!