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We offer services on sidewalk sign printing in Phoenix. Signage of this type serves several purposes including promotion, identification, providing information, showing directions or raising safety awareness. Affect passersby directly with appealing designs and interesting messages!

About sidewalk signs

Sidewalk signs are located along sidewalks to grab attention with a vivid message. The construction consists of A-shaped frames with a canvas installed into it. It is portable and can be easily removed by hand. You can find such signs by the cafes, bars, shops, and other venues. The key point of its efficiency is the properly chosen location, which can boast of the high foot traffic. Thus, the passersby viewing the ad, recognize the brand, agree to walk into a store and, perhaps, to buy the promoted products. That is why it is used as an outdoor signage solution by businesses in various industries.

It is very important to develop the brief and precise content to print on such signs. The graphic should grab the attention of potential customers and raise interest. If successful, it will cause an increase in sales volumes. But if it does not occur, you should try to change the location, which is crucial in this case. This signage is able to enhance your competitive advantage as it may be located in the areas, where competitors are represented with confidence. It allows you to show the alternative to their high prices or poor quality. Or even, if your competitors are strong, there are always people who look for a new experience at the similar market.

What do we offer?

We offer printing of a sidewalk sign in Phoenix together with numerous options. Just go to our website and look through our catalog to get a comprehensive idea of the diversity of our opportunities. It is suggested that you buy a sign with frames or order our print service only.  If your choice is the whole construction, you can choose the frames made from:

  1.       metal like aluminum, which allows building strong and lightweight stands which last forever. They stand the severe weather conditions and are resistant to fire opposed to plastic ones.
  2.       metal rod, which is recommended if a budget, steady, and compact construction is a requirement.

Our advantages

We are glad to provide our customers with favorable conditions like:

  •           fast order execution, which will take about couple of days (up to 5 days);
  •           accurate delivery without delays and diverse payment options;
  •           a chance to change your credentials before dispatch;
  •           cancellation of the order for some reason.


In Phoenix sidewalk sign is applied by different businesses. Contact our customer support to know the details of our collaboration.